These are some of the many baskets I've made. 

Walnut Nantucket Vase
Bronze Beauty
Violet Quatrefoil
Points of Light
Driftwood Hen
Cedar Trees: cedar, raffia, ash, cotton cord 
Desktop Tray: hand-pounded ash, wood:ash
Catshead Squashy: rattan, dyed and stained
Basket Collage: (left to right )
Navy Quatrefoil: natural and dyed rattan
Ocean Waves: Cedar rim, base; hamburg cane, chenille
Driftwood Spiral: Driftwood stick, rattan, seagrass, homespun yarn
Antler Hen : Shed Antler, natural and dyed rattan, seagrass
Nantucket Spiral: Walnut lid, handle, base and lid, bone knob and
  rosette; hamburg cane
Blue Spiral: Natural and dyed rattan
Hearth:oak handle, natural and dyed rattan
Pineneedle Tray: Coulter Pine needles, raffia, Tenerife flower
Judy's Market, Natural and space-dyed rattan 
Colors of the Forest Floor(Center): 
Pine Needles, handspun yarn, feathers
Cedar Bowl (Right of Center):
Cedar, birch bark, feather and palm inflorescence embellishment
Cedar Berry (Leftmost):
Cedar, NW  sweetgrass
Pine Needle Vase (Second Left Bottom):
Coulter Pine Needles, waxed linen, feather embellishment
Lidded Pine Needle (Third Bottom):
Coulter Pine Needles, raffia, pine cone knob
Rattle (Last Bottom):
Driftwood stick, goatskin, waxed linen, feathers

Nantucket Spiral Weave: Oak base and rim, hamburg cane
Appalachian Egg: Oak Handle and rim, natural and dyed rattan, yarn
Pharaoh's Boat: Red Osier, hand-pounded ash
Contemporary Nantucket Walnut Vase:
  Walnut base, hamburg cane, walnut
Zigzag Nantucket (4"):cherry base,rim,handle, bone knobs,Sedori Cane, Hamburg Cane.
Bethlehem Star: Natural and dyed rattan
Zigzag Nantucket (10"):cherry base, oak rim, Sedori Cane, Hamburg Cane.
The Wave: Dyed rattan
The wave
Potbelly Market
Abalone Shells and a Guppy
Playing With Plaid: natual and dyed rattan
Crystal Light and Dark: wood base, rattan, dyed hamburg cane, (Crystal Light container remains inside.)