are held Monday mornings (9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.), and also scheduled ALL- Day classes, at 4914 21st AV. NE, 98422,  Tacoma, WA (classroom in Sheila's home.)
 (I-5 Federal Way/ Auburn Exit. Head west on 348th, Campus Drive to Northshore Parkway. If you just head west after leaving the freeway, the road takes you to Northshore Parkway in about 7 miles. 21st Ave will be on the left (past the Police substation and Resurrection Lutheran Church.) Look for tan house, green trim, rockery on bottom section. Class sign-up Cell/ text:253-318-0384, ask for Sheila, or Cell/text 253-217-1935, ask for Elaine.

Class  Fees:   Mon. mornings-$20 
                       Occasional full day classes-$50, half day -$25
Material fees are based on the project, if you do not bring your own.

When specific classes and dates are listed, students may choose work on previous class baskets or on individual projects. Check with the instructor to make sure appropriate materials are on hand if you are not planning to do the assigned basket.

The All Day classes need 5 people to make the class a go. Please e-mail or call us if you're planning on coming. (You may drop in, but materials may not be available for the assigned basket if you do.)
2022 All Day  Classes
Seabeck Fish Rattle Class
 Something Fishy
Spiral Tray
Homespun Antler

Independent Study:  As always students may choose a basket for independent study by working with the instructors to select the basket and make sure the materials are available. The materials fee will vary depending on the materials required.

Equipment:  While we do have equipment that students may use in class, we do recommend that you bring an old towel, a small rectangular plastic dishpan, spray bottle, and a pair of scissors (not your best sewing shears). 

We do recommend calling either Elaine or Sheila to let us know that you will be planning to start a basket, so that we can bring the appropriate supplies.  

Check below for the Current ClassSchedule:
November 11-12, 2022 Holiday Bazaar, Resurrection Lutheran Chuch, Tacoma

 ​If you are unable to attend the regularly scheduled Monday classes, please, contact us about   special classes, often presented on a weekend.  We will schedule all day classes for a minimum of 5   people, and will maintain an email list to notify people of upcoming classes. Monday classes are offered weekly. Call or email to let us know you're coming. (253-318-0384,

 Below are some possible class baskets and individual projects are also welcome with teacher   approval , if the date is right but the scheduled basket is not.

Possible Choices For Monday Classes or Weaver's Choice (call or email to let us know what you'd like to do or for help deciding on a Project)

Both 4 hour classes and 8 hour classes will be offered.  Choose from the baskets shown below, register for the class, and notify the instructors of the basket selected. Monday classes are 3 hours and may require more than one sessi9on to complete a basket. Class fee $20)
Class Fee - 4 Hour Class - $25.00; 8 Hour class - $50.00 
Materials Fee -  As listed by basket photo 

Friday, September 2, 2022  Fair Day   Arrowed Cedar Vase
    Tentatively 2 - 10 pm

Woven over a square glass vase in cedar and Hamburg cane, accented with waxed linen "X's", this will allow the weaver to learn to do "X's" and a twill arrow pattern. It has a traditional flip and fold border.

Must register by August19, 2022  Limit of 8
Class Fee --       $None - Fair ticket and parking pass provided
Materials Fee – $45.00

Going Wild
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Show Schedule
Seabeck Vase Class
Mini Tea Tray,
Aprox. 5" L x 4" W x 4"H     $15 
Banded Bowl
Approx.  6"H x 8"W   $25
Napkin Basket
Approx. *8" sq. x %"H $20
Garlic Pouch
Aprox. 5" h x "4.5W
4 Hour Classes:
Note: Choices of colors and other design elements are subject to the materials available.
Eight Hour Classes:
Beaded Bowl
Approx. 8* W x 7" H    $30
Market Basket
Approx. 12" L x 8"w x 8"H  $35
Arrowed Cedar Vase
Approx. 4 x 4 x 4 inches        $45
The Guppy, a half size Red and Yellow Cedar Fish Rattle

Choose to make 1 or 2 fishes . 4 hours each.

Approx. 2" H x 4" L 
1 fish kit $30,  2 fish kit $45
Class instructi9n fee depends on the choice of 4 hrs. or 8 hours.

Some prior experience with twining is need to do this fish.
Tidal Twinings Retreat:  We will be teaching 3 classes in Rockaway, Oregon 
    September 14-18.